In 2011 and 2012 CABN was able to offer a range of exciting ‘pathfinder’ residency opportunities, working in partnership with a variety of organisations – some established in hosting artist residencies and others providing new pilot initiatives. Overall, thirteen individual practitioners benefitted from a period of residency, in some instances working with collaborators. The residencies were intended to create new opportunities for artists of all art forms, enabling them to develop and create new work in different environments. The profile of the individual residencies varied, but each was developed and delivered in partnership with other organisations, locally and nationally.

Some residencies grew out of existing partnerships, but most were forged as new partnerships and in many cases were developed with or by the CABN Advocates. From the outset, one of the targets for CABN was an International Residency, which was realised through three artist residencies at MoKS in Estonia. MoKS was chosen for a variety of reasons – John Grzinich from MoKS had attended the 2011 Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival and had met with CABN Creative Leader Mary Morrison to discuss potential collaborations and the MoKS model. MoKS is a really interesting example of an artist led initiative in a rural setting, yet sustaining a very high quality international contemporary art programme. Rural Estonia has various synergies with Scotland and, as a LEADER funded area, there was the potential to build on these initial residencies and develop a project through LEADER Transnational Funding, which might offer future exchanges of Estonian/Borders based artists.

CABN suggested to The Haining Trust that they consider applying to The Royal Scottish Academy (RSA), as a host venue for the RSA Resdiencies programme. The Haining successfully applied, and with CABN support, hosted a visual arts residency. Despite this being a national scheme, this was the first RSA Residency in the Scottish Borders.

The CABN project also secured funding from Creative Scotland through their Creative Futures programme to create six three-month residencies based at Heriot Watt University’s School of Textiles and Design in Galashiels Specific residencies were offered to Scottish Borders based artists only (Jedburgh Abbey Glass Residencies, Cromarty Arts Trust Words and Music residencies and the MoKS Estonia Residencies). Others were advertised nationally to encourage the potential of incoming artists to make work in and of the Borders and to raise the profile of CABN at a national level (Borders Book Festival Residency, The Haining RSA Residency and Dream Time Dance Residency). The call for the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Residencies was extended internationally and applications were received from as far away as California and Germany, underpinning the international reputation Alchemy Festival had already established.

Many of the ‘pathfinder’ residencies led to further residencies, and built strong partnerships. All had impacts on individual artist’s practice which have enabled their work and collaborations to develop.


con-TEXT (2011-2012)
6 x Artist/Designer Residencies

At Heriot Watt University School of Textiles and Design, Galashiels.

The Haining RSA (June-October 2011)
1 x Visual Artist Residency

At The Haining, Selkirk as part of The RSA Residencies scheme.

Alchemy (June-October 2011)
3 x Alchemy Moving Image Artist Residencies
Linked to the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival.

Jedburgh Abbey (January-April 2012)
2 x Glass Artist Residencies
At Jedburgh Abbey, in partnership with Historic Scotland and Education Scotland.

Borders Book Festival (11th-18th June 2012)
1 x Artist Residency
At Borders Book Festival, Melrose.

Cromarty Arts Trust (October-November 2012)
1 x writer residency  & 1 x musician residency
Cromarty Arts Trust, the Black Isle.

MoKS (30th September-15th October 2012)
3 x artists residencies
MoKS Centre for Art and Social Practice in Mooste, Estonia.

Dream Time (October 2012)
1 x dance residency
Dream Time Dance Residency at Studio on the Green, Selkirk, in partnership with Dance Base.