How Music Works I

Project Date: 23rd November 2013 –

How Music Works I was an event devised by CABN Advocate for Music – James Mackintosh – for makers, producers, and supporters of music.   The event took place at Tower Mill, Heart of Hawick in November 2013, bringing over 50 people together to enjoy a programme of talks, live music and networking.  Topics covered included:   digital distribution, copyright and royalty streams, band and label management, touring and teaching.  A Forum discussion was hosted by Sandy Watson of Isle Music Scotland.

Event Speakers:

James Mackintosh and Gordon Webber (Snowgoose Productions)

Perspectives from Musician and Manager. Making yourself touring and export ready. Packaging yourself/your band for agents, managers and promoters.

Alison Smith (Maxwell Music) & Duncan McCrone (MCPS)

Copyright and Registering your compositions and contributions and maximising your earning through the various collections agencies.  MCPS.

Ronnie Gurr (CEO Music Adviser/CC Skills Apprenticeship Manager) & Stuart Stenhouse (EmuBands)

The Music Industry Is Dead, Long Live the Music Industry! – Making your living in the digital age. Ronnie spoke about using new media for promotion, including the example of Elbows music blog.   Stuart spoke about digital music distribution and selling your music online

Amy Geddes (Musician, teacher, Pathhead Music Collective)

Making a living as a musician – including teaching, composing and performing. Focus on Music in Education (community & formal sectors) & Pathhead Music Collective – 15 professional musicians working together in our community and beyond.

Panel and discussion/forum chaired by Sandy Watson, Isle Music Scotland

Topics:   Questions/further discussion points from the day’s presentations, the Borders music scene – opportunities, challenges etc.



Live Performances:

During the day, there were live performances in the Tower Mill café bar from the Matt Seattle Band and the Finlay McDermid Band.


Feedback from the day:

Friendly, informative with a good community feel

Good information, very worthwhile

A useful resource for someone wanting to work in music

Excellent.  Important for any musician or anyone involved in music.  Valuable info

Very interesting and I’m very grateful for the efforts made.



All images are credited to Kevin Greenfield Photography